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"The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery."

-Francis Bacon

Private Mosaic Classes...A mosaic party! 

I am an artist.  An artist who is a wife.  An artist who is a mother of 6 children.  An artist who is a daughter, sister, friend, acquaintance, stranger and sojourner on the journey of life.  I am an  artist who loves God, and is inspired by the work I see God doing in the world.  I am also inspired by love, pain, joy, disappointment, brokenness, sappy commercials, Scrabble, McDonald's Coke and dark chocolate.  I find inspiration is quiet moments and dark moments, in music, poetry and dirty faces.  Some of my art is whimsical curiosity, while other pieces are a portion of my very soul for the world to see.  Most of my work falls somewhere in between.  I hope you are touched by the work you see here.

About the Artist

That Art Place is the home of Madcap Mosaics, a place to celebrate and

create mosaics! 

Tracy Pennington is the madcap artist and resident artist at That Art Place.  Come check out her one-of-a-kind enjoy or buy...or enjoy AND buy!  Tracy also does commissioned work. 

Start dreaming about what you'd like her to make for you!

Madcap Mosaics

Hey!  Check out!  That's where you'll find all the mosaic information you are looking for!.

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"I am seeking.  I am striving. I am in it with all of my heart."  -Vincent van Gogh

"Creativity takes courage." 

-Henry Matisse

per person

Mosaic Art from the Intro to Mosaics Class

What are you doing on Thursday night?  Come make a larger mosaic!  See all the details at 

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        Have a private Intro to Mosaics class with a group of 6 or more.   Grab some friends, co-workers, family members or complete strangers!  Bring in your own snacks, play your favorite music and let the creative juices flow.   Pay when you arrive (no groupons accepted for private classes.)  Classes scheduled at your convenience!   Email Tracy  to be added to the mosaic party interest list or to schedule your class.

             Intro To Mosaics Class ($80 Value)

Come learn the ancient and exciting art of mosaic!  An experienced mosaic artist will walk you through the fundamentals of the art while you create your very own unique work!  Several base shapes to choose from and an extensive array of glass, plus all the tools and supplies needed make this class a must for anyone interested in mosaic. Take home a grouting kit with detailed instructions or leave your mosaic to be grouted by the teaching artist and ready for pick up within 3 weeks.  Payment by credit card or cash will be collected at the beginning of the class.